Valley Wind, Kirklees

On Friday 16th Fiona and I, along with our wonderful video-grapher Rani Khanna, travelled up to Valley Wind located in Marsden village, just outside of Huddersfield.


Huddersfield being the birthplace of former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

This trip is part of our on-going Climate and Energy Revolution Tour (CERT) and was our first stop on our tour. The final film will be used as a campaigning tool for our 'Time to Act' campaign, designed to help establish and promote the benefits of a new energy future.

We spent the day with some wonderful people, and learned about the struggles and benefits of the project so far.

The day was split into three parts. To begin with we visited one of the founders of the cooperative at his home, and interviewed him there, after a scrumptious lunch with his wife.

The view of Marsden village from behind Marsden train station

We then made our way over to the field where - if they get planning permission - the group will set up three wind turbines.



It is a great spot, with easy access to the road and in eye-sight range of other wind-turbines in the area.

To finish we headed into Huddersfield where we met with a team of their volunteers and supporters who created a human wind-mill for us, in place of there being no actual wind-turbines of theirs to film.

Amateur footage shot by us.

As you can see the effect was amazing, and the professional footage will be included in the final film, which we hope to release later on this year.

The Valley Wind cooperative, is in the early stages of its wind project, but represents 8 years of determined campaigning and a long application process to get to where they are now.

We wish them every success with the project.