Bolivian 'People's Climate Conference' - what does it mean for us?

This was a Public Meeting held on Thursday 10th June in SOAS  (School of Oriental and African Studies), London, organised by CCC with the Climate Camp. It was focused around a report back and discussion on the...

Cochabama Climate Conference:
"World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth" held 19th-22nd April 2010.


35,000 people attended this ground breaking event. Why ground-breaking? Because this is the first big sign that the developing world is waking up to the huge threat it faces from climate change and is beginning to mobilise in earnest against the massive injustice effectively being inflicted upon it by the rich nations of the North. Even while sceptics dominate the airwaves here in the UK, anger at our role in stoking a global catstrophe is building...  In any case, 35,000 people attended and debated the crisis and its solutions, emerging with a declaration at the end that recommends tough, scientifically realistic targets (1°C, 300 ppm) like nothing seen in the UNFCCC negotiations. And CCC members were there - promoting the Global Day of Action on Climate (see more about this here).So also were folks from the Climate Camp. 

The reports back came from a wide variety of  perspectives and were followed by an interesting discussion involving just about everyone at the meeting. The Cochabamba conference will continue to be a source of inspiration for climate campaigners here in the UK !