Paris 12 December



Friday 11th December

There will be a briefing with Global Justice Now and CCC at 3.30 on the progress of the negotiations and planned actions at the Climate Action Zone (ZAC) at the 104, 5 rue Curial Paris 19ème, métro Ricquet, from December 7 to 11. are holding action briefings at 1pm and 3pm at ZAC (see below)
From 2pm onwards there will be a Friends of the Earth open space at Palais de Congres Paris-Est 128 Rue de Paris Metro Robespierre. There will be opportunities for prop-making, briefings for the Saturday morning action, and speeches from 7-11. Find out more.
Come any time from 14.00 till 23.00. Main stage programme from 19.00. Palais des Congrès Paris-Est, 128 Rue de Paris, 93100 Montreuil, Paris.

Saturday 12th December

There will be different actions taken on this day, planned for many months as the culmination of civil society actions for COP21. 
From 9.30am, groups of up to 5 people will go to pre-determined locations in Paris, spelling out 'Climate. Justice. Peace'. This action is being organised by Alternatiba and FoE international. There will be a full briefing at the event on Friday evening. Find out more.
At 12 noon,  thousands of people will meet on Ave de la Grand Armée between Place de l'Etoile and Porte Maillot from 11:45, to demonstrate their resolve to continue fighting for a just climate future, honor the lives lost to climate change, and draw red lines with their bodies representing the lines of climate safety that cannot be crossed. They will carry 5000 red tulips.
Bill McKibben and 350, Naomi Klein, Nimmy Basso, Maxime Coombes, Vandana Shiva, Pablo Solon, Attac, Global Justice Now, Campaign against Climate Change and many other organisations have called for this moment where we all come together in central Paris. The call for action begins: 'On Saturday thousands of people will gather in the streets of Paris carrying red flowers to honour past and future victims of climate change, driven by respect, determination and hope.'
This action will not have official police permission but dialogue is ongoing to ensure a peaceful event. You can register online at the website to get email or text updates before and during the event. There will be briefings at 1-2.30pm and 3-4.30pm on Friday. Please bring if you can a red item (scarf, umbrella, banner, etc.) and a red flower. Find out more
At 2pm, there will be a citizen gathering to declare a state of climate emergency, in the Champ de Mars, under the Eiffel Tower. We are going to form large human chains and carry climate emergency and call to action messages to the people of the world. This event has been confirmed as a legal protest. Find out moreFacebook event
Organisations supporting this action include Friends of the Earth France, Attac France, Alternatiba, Action Non-Violente COP21, Bizi, Confédération Paysanne, Coordination de l'Action Non-Violente de l'Arche, Mouvement pour une Alternative Non-Violente, End Ecocide, Collectif National Pas Sans Nous, Emmaüs Lescar Pau and UNEF.
Protesting in the French state of emergency
We believe that silencing the voice of civil society activists in their response to an unjust and dangerously weak climate deal is unacceptable. We are very glad that the authorities have now started making concessions to our right to protest. Read thoughtful responses by Naomi Klein and Jonathan Neale.