Long march for the climate one year after Bush dumped Kyoto

We march 20 miles from the ExxonMobil ('Esso') UK HQ in Leatherhead to the US embassy, central London, to mark the first anniversary of Bush dumping Kyoto. Larger numbers gather at the Mary Harmsworth Park (outside the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth) for the final 'leg' through central London to the US embassy.

Image Early start, 6.30 am at the ExxonMobil HQ, just outside Leatherhead. Some of us had spent the night at the beautifully situated Tanners Hatch Youth Hostel but we didnt have much time to admire the surrounding woodlands as we hurried off to Exxon HQ for that 7.00 pm start to our 20 mile March.
Image Displaying the message outside Esso's UK HQ. But we spent so long doing these photo-calls, radio interview etc.. we started the march behind schedule: a fiersome pace was needed to make up time!
Image 3 Uncle Sams ! We were dressed up as 'Uncle Sams' and 'Esso Tigers' to ram home the message that the US government - at least on Climate matters- was effectively run by ExxonMobil and the oil/fossil fuel lobby. So it was Uncle Sam hand-in-hand with the Esso Tiger ! These Uncle Sams are, L to R, Phil Thornhill, Bob Bromley, John Clarke.
Image And here's one of the Tigers (Adrian Barnett) ! Another was the bright orange one in the first picture (Gerry Wolfe). And on the tricycle - our invaluable back up vehicle, with added Tiggas - is "Buffalo Bill" who cycled the thing all the way down from town the night before. Anyone whos cycled 1 of these things will know why he felt just a little pooped by the time he got to Leatherhead.
Image Here's a contingent from the Surrey Green Party: watch out ExxonMobil we're gunning for you!
Image Here we are, on the road! Goddarned pedestrians with mobile phones don'tya hate 'em. Bet that Uncle Sam isn't looking where hes going! Looks like Debbie Birchall with the placard on the left.
Image Things got pretty strung out after a while. People will dawdle so ! Come on at the back ! No shilly-shallying ! Thats Tony Cooper - of the Surrey Greens and 'Global Commons Institute' - with the orange flag/banner.
Image Its a pit-stop - OK, loo-stop - at Ewell village. What a cheerful bunch ! That bright orange tiger with the umbrella is Gerry Wolfe; seated left of Uncle Sam on his left is Lewis Read, while standing behind is John Ackers. 
Image There was a half-way stop at Wimbledon : with some haranging of passers by with the megaphone, some photo-calls like this one and some relaxing in a Wimbledon cafe. This was also a place for more people to join us as they had been doing from Epsom onwards. Then we all hit the road again.....
Image Finally around 4.00pm we made it to the Mary Harmsworth Park (outside the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth) where a cheering crowd awaited! Hurrah! Plus there was our globe-in-a-greenhouse, campaign banner, balloons, placards, bed-on-wheels (!!) etc....all set up by Vince Stops, Mike Roberts, members of Southwark FOE and others...... This was where the full-scale march would start from.
Image Heres one tired Uncle Sam taking a well-earned rest....was'nt that nice of someone to supply him with a bed?
Image OK, this is what the bed was really for ! We'd decided to show GWB "in bed with" the Esso Tiger(ess).....demonstrating the fact that the Bush administration effectively took its orders from ExxonMobil and the fossil fuel lobby for its Kyoto/climate policy. So heres Dubya (RichardSolly) 'in bed with' the Esso Tigress (Lucy Wills).
Image And here we are dragging the bed all the way through the streets of London, from Lambeth to the US embassy.....thats Lewis Read (with placard) out in front, as he was for a lot of the way on the 20 miles from the Exxon HQ. Meanwhile dragging the bed is Shaun Nixon of WYOCC..out for the day from Bristol. 
Image Here we are marching through Westminster. Theres that big yellow banner again.....thanks to Ealing Friends of the Earth for supplying that !
Image And here's the yellow banner 'in situ', having reached the US embassy. We've all been coralled behind those barriers to keep us in control(!) 
Image And heres that other banner out for display again!
Image It's Bush and the Esso Tigress again!
Image Time for speeches. This is Kate Hampton, Friends of the Earth International Climate Person who rang up Exxon HQ in the US so we could all boo down her phone at them !
 Darren Johnson Green Party GLA member, Murad Qureshi, Westminster councillor and representative of the Bangladeshi community, and Cindy Baxter from 'StopEsso', all spoke, too.
 Image By the end it was getting rather dark! It had been a long day....especially for those of us who'd marched all the way from Leatherhead!