Campaign against Climate Change Forum/AGM 2011

Confronting the Climate Emergency in an era of "austerity"

1.00 pm - 6.00 pm, Birkbeck University, London

Discussion group at the AGM

The CCC AGM was lively, positive and sets us up for the coming year in a very constructive way. Sub-groups conentrating on various areas of campaigning are underway - more on this site about that shortly.

Discussion included:

  • What can we do to get the urgent action we need to confront the climate crisis during the coming  year?
  • What are the key considerations about the current political scene?  And the social and economic scene, media climate etc. etc.
  • Bullding the climate movement nationally and internationally.
  • Putting climate back at the heart of the national debate
  • Radical solutions / Building a Zero Carbon Britain / Million Climate Jobs
  • Concrete ideas for action.

Nurturing the light of a positive solution while the world goes mad…