Live Acts at the CCC Cabaret Fundraiser

Last Saturday we had our Cabaret Fundraiser. Our aim was to organise a fun event so that people could have a good time, whilst still raising funds to continue the fight against Climate Change. We had a vibrant atmosphere thanks to our live acts. Featuring the eco-band Zero Carbon Band, poets Anna Chen and Charles Shaar Murray, and Pete Deane with the new campaign song Time To Act.

Here's a taste of last Saturday:

Charles Shaar Murray

The Environment and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

On the 12th May, the StopTTIP movement held a meeting focusing on the US/EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (called TAFTA -- Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement in the US) and the impacts it will have on the global environment. This partnership is marketed as a 'free trade' agreement between the world two biggest economies and it is being negotiated now.  However TTIP is not about trade. It is in fact a corporate coup that will take us to a 'corporatocracy', a corporate-run world.