Energy Crisis, Climate Crisis - What is the solution? - Brent Public Meeting

On the 22nd Ferbruary Brent Campaign against Climate Change group and Brent Friends of the Earth group hosted a public meeting called 'Energy Crisis, Climate Crisis - What is the solution?'. Martin Francis of Brent Green Party chaired the meeting and speakers included Suzanne Jefferies of the One Million Jobs Campaign, Ruth London from Fuel Poverty Action, Sophie Neuburg from Friends of the Earth and Murad Qreshi who is a London Assembly Member for Labour.

There were some very important topics raised from both the speakers and from the floor. You can watch the proceeedings in the videos below and read Martin Francis's excellent blog on the meeting here.

Flooding: "Money is No Object." But what's the real cost?

Photo credit: James Williamson

Over the last month, whilst the Somerset Levels have been getting deeper underwater, our politicians have become increasingly out of their depth. With Paterson indisposed, recovering from an eye operation, Cameron has been stumbling around in his wellies, making weak apologies and shouting that money is ‘no object’. But will the money still be there when the tide recedes? And if so then why was it cut in the first place?

The UK's Rainy Winter: Climate Changed?

We always expect a bit of rain over winter in the UK, but this year the rain hasn’t seemed to stop, this December and January particularly have been exceptionally wet. Dame Julia Slingo, the Met Office’s chief scientist has said ‘for England and Wales this was one of, if not the most, exceptional periods of winter rainfall in at least 248 years.” The severe weather here in the UK has coincided with particularly cold spells on the other side of the Atlantic in Canada and the USA. But what has been driving it?