IPCC Mythbusting

The latest IPCC report makes the choice that humanity faces yet more stark, both the clarity of the evidence and the urgency to take action. Yet those who have a vested interest in fossil fuel consumption continue to spread doubt and confusion. Here are some of the myths they propagate:

Myth No. 1: Scientists still aren't certain humans are causing climate change

The latest number put on scientists' certainty is 95%. What does 95% certain mean? That they are about as sure as that cigarette smoking causes cancer. And this is a good analogy for more than one reason. The tobacco industry and its paid lobbyists fought desperately to deny this science when it first emerged. Smoking is also a good example of how humans can be very very bad at taking sensible decisions and weighing up risk. But when it comes to cutting carbon emissions, it's not just our own health and wellbeing we're risking, it's all future generations. It really is time to act.

Time to Act! Wake up to Climate Change #3

Scientists tell us that two-thirds of known fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change, but our politicians continue a race to exploit even the most unconventional and inefficient of fossil fuels. In the UK, our government has announced an energy policy that involves building 30 new gas power stations which would lock us into a fossil fuel future and mean we fail to meet our legally binding climate change targets. 
We need to stop them, we need to wake up to the reality of climate change.
Time To Act! is our new upcoming campaign designed to show the government the massive public demand for renewables and to pressure them into doing the only sensible thing - taking action on climate change.
Time to Act! Launching this October! More information coming very soon...
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