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AGM 2013

Thanks to everyone who came to the AGM!

The campaign is off to a good start with a meeting full of discussion and debates, and with 5 new members coming onto the steering group. The minutes of the meeting are now available here and the results of the resolutions here. You can also find video reports from the Guest Speakers using the links below:

Tisha Brown, Frack Off London

Emily Coats, No Tar Sands Network

Ken Montague, Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group

Duncan Law, Biofuel Watch

Sarah Clayton, Airport Watch

Ruth London, Fuel Poverty Action Group (part of Climate Justice Collective)

Jonathan Neale, Campaign against Climate Change (former International Coordinator)

We will be launching/pursuing campaigns and organising events very soon so keep up to date by joining our mailing list, or following us on Facebook and Twitter.


What happened:

Come and help us plan for the year's campaigning!

Saturday 2nd March

Venue: SOAS, room V111, Vernon square campus (closest tube: King's Cross). 
Full address: School of Oriental and African Studies, Vernon Square, Penton Rise, London WC1X 9EW (map here). 

Time: 1-5pm

We welcome discussion, thoughts, tactics, that you want to share. To help us have a focused day it would be great if we can begin talking now about what you would like to see us do this year. The Campaign has got a few things up its sleeve but it's important that we take the time to hear what you think. So let's start the conversation!

Either join the discussion via the comment section below, tweet us @campaigncc #ccc2013 or on our facebook page.

If you are looking for a starting point, have a look at the minutes from the London meeting on 29th Jan - its focus was on assessing the successes and failures of last year's events to act as a springboard for discussion of what tactics and campaigns we should implement this year. You can also click here to find out about last year's events.

AGM Agenda

1-1.45pm: Report from the Chair

- Feedback on 2012 events
- Internal changes
- Proposed strategy
- Questions

1.45-1.50pm: Approval of accounts

1.50-2.30pm: Guest speakers - reports from various campaigns

- Tisha Brown, Frack Off London
- Emily Coats, UK Tar Sands Network
- Ken Montague, CCC Trade Union Group
- Deepak Rughani, BiofuelWatch
- Sarah Clayton, Airport Watch
- Fuel Poverty Action

2.30-2.50pm: Break

2.50-4pm: Open Space (an opportunity for member to propose their ideas for the coming year in smaller groups)

4-5pm: Resolutions & Nominations (details below)

5pm: End of the AGM, social drinks

Resolutions and nominations for the steering group:

The deadline for submissions was 5pm, Friday 22nd February.  Please find all the proposed resolutions here.


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Saturday, March 2, 2013 - 13:00 to 17:00

Camp Frack 2

Hundreds say No to Fracking at Camp Frack 2

Despite rough weather conditions, hundreds of protesters attended Camp Frack 2 at Mere Brow in Lancashire last weekend to demonstrate their opposition to fracking and support for climate jobs.

Organised by a coalition of local and national anti-fracking, Trades Union, and environmental groups including Campaign against Climate Change, Camp Frack 2 brought people together from across the country to demonstrate a unified front and share campaign strategies against hydraulic fracturing. 

The weekend involved talks, presentations, workshops and a protest action which brought together hundreds of local and national activists.

Press coverage of the camp:
Lancashire Evening Post - Hundreds take part in anti-fracking camp

Blackpool Gazette - Campaigners at fracking event

In September 2011 Campaign against Climate Change, REAF and other climate groups organised Camp Frack (1) to protest against plans by Cuadrilla Resources to drill for shale gas. Out of this camp the group Frack Off came into existance.
Since then the anti-fracking movement in the UK has grown, with more and more local groups resisting plans for this dangerous and extreme method of energy extraction. 
Cuadrilla (the drilling company that operates the site in Lancashire) has now suspended its activity in Westby (Lancashire) forced to wait for an environmental assessment. However it has announced plans to drill in Balcombe (Sussex); maybe we need to make plans for a camp frack 3...

What's on?
Programme includes live music, presentations and workshops, film showings, discussions on campaign strategy, children's entertainment, poetry, protest action and lots more! For the provision programme click here. There will also be a choice of freshly prepared vegan and vegetarian foods available onsite.
          Friday 10th: 5.30pm-11pm (transport from London see below)
          Saturday 11th: 10.30am-11pm - Workshops, music, etc.
          Sunday 12th: Protest Action - Assemble at 11am

How much will it cost?

Due to the cost of the event we will need to charge £12 per pitch for camping (includes free admission to the entire event) and Day Tickets are £2 for adults, £1 under 18s, £5 for a family. For free access, help out or steward! (See below).

Protest action at Camp Frack 1


Want to help? (This will grant you free access to the event, beer tokens and meal vouchers.) We are looking for stewards, first aiders and artists: please check our steward page and email us now at stewards@campaigncc.org

Organised transport: There will be a minibus heading to the site of Camp Frack 2 from York Way (N1 9AA), Kings Cross, on Friday at 13.30 and leaving from the site on Sunday at 14:00. Each individual registering will be asked to pay £32 (return) to contribute to the travel cost of hiring the vehicle.

Buses: Bus route 2X runs approximately half hourly seven days a week between Preston, Mere Brow and Southport, running past Preston station and close to Southport station. Buses run through to and from Liverpool as route X2. Note that the last bus from Preston (Mon-Sat) is at 19:24, but there are later buses from Southport (till 22:11). Mere Brow is also served by route 347 between Chorley, Rufford and Southport, but this isn’t very frequent and there’s nothing on Sundays.

Trains: the best rail station with a Sunday service is Burscough Bridge on the Manchester-Wigan-Southport line. On Monday-Saturday there are also New Lane on the same line (but with fewer trains stopping) and Rufford on the Ormskirk-Preston line.

Walkers and cyclists: Please check the Camp Frack website.

You can find a map of the site here.

What to bring

  • Direction if making your own way to the site (Mere Brow, Nr Tarleton, Lancs PR4 6JX or 53.657966,-2.887566).
  • Tent with it's poles and pegs 
  • Sleeping bag, air bed / crash mat
  • Rucksack
  • Torch / headtorch
  • Waterproof jacket / poncho, a change of clothes or two, shoes / trainers and boots or better still wellies, lots and lots of socks (can't be happy with wet feet)
  • Wash kit: sanitising gel, baby wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, sun cream, lip balm, towel, toilet roll
  • First aid kit
  • Bin bags, matches / lighter, duct tape, cord / string
  • Water bottle, cooking utensils, stove / disposable BBQ
  • The sort of food that is easy to eat, cook and keep fresh outdoors
And don't forget to join us on facebook and help us promote the event!



Friday, May 10, 2013 - 17:30 to Sunday, May 12, 2013 - 16:00

Clean energy vote narrowly lost - what next?

After masses of emails, meetings, and organisations lining up to support decarbonisation of our electricity supply, MPs supporting it narrowly lost the vote on Tuesday. The Government's majority was reduced to just 23, so the amendment would have passed if just 12 more Lib Dem backbenchers had voted in line with their party's official position. Seven Tories also followed Tim Yeo's lead and voted for his amendment. Find out how your MP voted below.

The amendment is not yet dead - with such a close vote the Lords will look at it carefully. A Lords rebellion would not necessarily mean that George Osborne would give in and adopt the target, but it could result in a stronger commitment to clean energy than is currently in the bill.

The campaign for clean energy by 2030 has also helped strengthen the climate movement in this country, and we will be working with our allies to build on this momentum.

Thank you to everyone who campaigned so hard over the past months for this.

Electricity decarbonisation by 2030 - how MPs voted

The list below only covers Tories who voted 'yes' and Lib Dems - for a full list check Hansard (scroll down to 3.59pm). Ministerial roles have been included as they act as a constraint on rebelling against government policy.

Tories who voted for the amendment

Peter Aldous
David Amess
Sir Peter Bottomley
Zac Goldsmith
Jason McCartney
Caroline Nokes
Dr Matthew Offord
Tim Yeo

Lib Dems who voted for the amendment

Annette Brooke
Sir Malcolm Bruce
Tim Farron
Andrew George
John Hemming
Martin Horwood
Dr Julian Huppert
Mr John Leech
Greg Mulholland
Tessa Munt
John Pugh
Mr Adrian Sanders
Mr David Ward
Mr Mark Williams
Roger Williams
Stephen Williams

Lib Dems who voted against it

Danny Alexander (Chief Secretary to the Treasury)
Norman Baker (Department of Transport, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State)
Sir Alan Beith
Tom Brake (Office of the Leader of the Commons, Parliamentary Secretary)
Jeremy Browne (Home Office, Minister of State)
Paul Burstow
Vince Cable (Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills)
Alistair Carmichael (Deputy Chief Whip)
Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister)
Mike Crockart
Ed Davey (Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change)
Lynne Featherstone (Department for International Development, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State)
Don Foster (Department for Communities and Local Government, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State)
Stephen Gilbert
Duncan Hames
Sir Nick Harvey
Simon Hughes
Norman Lamb (Department of Heath, Minister of State)
David Laws (Department for Education, Minister of State)
Michael Moore (Secretary of State for Scotland)
Alan Reid
Dan Rogerson
Sir Bob Russell
Sir Robert Smith
Ian Swales
Jo Swinson (Parliamentary Under Secretary for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)
Steve Webb (Department for Work and Pensions, Minister of State)
Jenny Willott

Lib Dems who were AWOL

Menzies Campbell
Lorely Burt
Tim Farron
Gordon Birtwistle (despite promising to support)
Mark Hunter (Assistant Government Whip)
David Heath (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Minister of State)
Charles Kennedy (despite promising to support)
Stephen Lloyd
Andrew Stunell (despite signing the amendment!)
Sarah Teather
John Thurso
Simon Wright


Confronting the Climate Crisis Conference

What a success!

As part of the One Million Climate Jobs initiative the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group held a conference bringing together climate scientists, politicians, trade unionists & environmental activists.

It was a great success; with brilliant speakers like Professor Kevin Anderson, from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, Joan Walley MP, the highly-respected Chair of the influential Environmental Audit Committee, Manual Cortes, the General Secretary of TSSA, Deputy leader of the Green Party Will Duckworth and Brenda Pollack South East England campaigns organiser for FoE as well as Ewa Jasiewicz, from No Dash for Gas

The conference was fully packed, with people standing in the aisles. There was interesting debate and discussion on how we move forward as a movement, how trade unionists can bring the issue of climate change into their union branches as well as how globally Trade Unions are working on Energy Democracy Initiatives - that support demands by both environmental activists and trade unionists.

A hugely informative and somewhat unexpected insight came out of the weird weather workshop - Dave Green, Fire Brigades Union national officer for floods, gave us a background into the reality of dealing with the impacts of weird weather as well as the UK Government's unhelpful bureaucy.

There is no allocated Government spending for floods, and with floods rapidly on the increase due to extreme weather whilst austerity measures are biting the F.B.U., this is an enormous disaster waiting to happen.

With barriers being broken down between Climate scientists, trade unionists, environmentalists and politicians, the feeling leaving the conference was one of enthusiam and energy.

Despite the huge amount of information on the latest science, as well as difficult questions being asked about where we go next given the time we have, to have this feeling is immensely positive.

Thank you to all those who joined us!

For more information on the conference and video recordings please click read more

2012 brought more and more news of a worsening climate. From droughts in the United States and Australia, to heavy rains and flooding, crop failures across the globe and an almost complete collapse of summer sea ice in the Arctic. At the same time governments are back tracking on commitments to deal with carbon emissions and the mitigation of the effects of global warming.

Governments are dealing with the global economic crisis with further austerity, leading to unemployment, cuts in public services and further attacks on working people.

The Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group has published two reports on the potential for "One Million Climate Jobs" to deal both with unemployment and to reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%. This, our fourth conference, will explore how we can continue to fight for these jobs in an era of austerity. But it will also be an opportunity for trade unions to listen to climate scientists and understand what is happening to our weather and our environment.

 More on the CCC Trade Union website




Confronting the Climate Crisis

June 8th 2013, London Metropolitan University

11.00: Chair’s opening

11.05: Welcome speech on behalf of London Metropolitan University UCU and Climate Action Group
Richard Payne (London Met UCU)

11.10: Opening address Sue Ferns (Director of Communications and Research, Prospect/ Co-chair of Trade Unions Sustainable Development Advisory Committee) for TUC:

11.20: Opening plenary: How serious is the climate crisis and how could it affect us? A briefing for trade unionists Prof Kevin Anderson, Deputy Director, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research (45 mins). Factual Q&A (10 mins)

Video part 1
Video part 2
Video part 3 (Questions and Discussion)

12.20 Workshops 1:

1. The melting Arctic: what will it mean?
Dr Michel Tsamados (Research Associate, Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling, Reading University)

Video part 1
Video part 2 (Questions and Discussion)

2. Weird weather: is this the new normal? Dr Richard Allan (Reader in Climate Science, University of Reading), Dave Green (Fire Brigades Union national officer for floods)

3. Climate change: the threat to agriculture and food supply – Kirtana Chandrasekaran (Food Sovereignty Programme Co-ordinator, Friends of the Earth International), Suzanne Jeffery (Chair, CACCTU)

1.20: Lunch

2.00: Second Plenary: Fighting climate change and for climate jobs, internationally & locally – Andreas Ytterstad (Chair, Union of Concerned Scientists, Norway), Dr Lara Skinner (Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, USA), Manuel Cortez (General Secretary, TSSA), Martin Empson (Million Climate Jobs Campaign), Ewa Jasiewicz (No Dash for Gas). Speakers from South African Trade Unions and Canadian indigenous movement linked through Skype.

Please click on names for videos. Click here for the discussion session.

3.00: Workshops 2:

1. Fighting for climate jobs in the unions
Chris Baugh (Assistant General Secretary, PCS)

2. Uniting trade unions with community campaigns
Graham Petersen (UCU national environment co-ordinator/ Greener Jobs Alliance), Peter Robinson (Jobs and Climate Alliance), Jane Thomas (Senior England Campaigner, Friends of the Earth)

3. Changing the Government’s climate  policy
Confirmed lead speakers – Joan Walley MP (Chair, House of Commons Environmental Scrutiny Committee), John McDonnell MP, Philip Pearson (TUC Senior Policy Officer for Climate Change and Energy)

Video part 1
Video part 2 (Questions & discussion)

4.00: Closing Plenary: Countering austerity - the fight for climate jobs (“Question Time” panel format)
Chris Baugh (Assistant General Secretary PCS), Martin Mayer (National Executive, Unite), Suzanne Jeffery (Chair, CACCTU), Jonathan Stevenson (Fuel Poverty Action), Joan Walley MP, Will Duckworth (Deputy Leader, Green Party)

Video part 1
Video part 2

Saturday, June 8, 2013 - 11:00 to 17:00

Tell Harper, "We don't want your dirty oil!"

Thursday 13th June, 11.15am, Parliament Square, Westminster, London

Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is coming to London on Thursday, en route to the G8 summit. He's been invited to give a prestigious address to Parliament – a rare honour normally reserved for the most highly-respected dignitaries.

Harper does not deserve this honour. He has spent the last few years promoting the destructive tar sands industry, eroding Indigenous rights, weakening environmental regulations in Canada, lobbying against EU climate legislation, muzzling scientists, and helping keep the world fixed on a collision course with runaway climate change by pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol. His government is currently mired in scandal and sleaze. What was the UK thinking in extending this invitation?

The EU is negotiating a Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) with the aim of encouraging the use of low-carbon transport fuels and discouraging the use of high-emission fuel. It aims to reduce Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions from road transport by 6% before 2020. It would essentially encourage the use of cleaner and lower-carbon fuels over those with a higher carbon footprint. This could have implications for Canada’s tar sands producers since, in general, more greenhouse gas emissions are produced in the extraction and refining of tar sands than in producing and refining conventional oil.

We need to make sure Harper does not get the warm welcome he is hoping for in London. We will stand in solidarity with First Nations in Canada whose territories and communities are being devastated by tar sands extraction. We will make it clear that we are determined to keep tar sands oil out of Europe. We will protest together for a cleaner fairer energy future. 

Join us on Thursday in making Harper feel unwelcome, showing him that we in the UK are against filthy tar sands, nor do we want them in Europe. We need to show him that we support the FQD's classification of tar sands as a highly pollutant fuel.

Bring placards with your message to Harper. We are expecting a lot of interest from the Canadian media so please take the time to figure out what you want to say! An article in the Montreal Gazette details Harper's visit to Britain and his address to Parliament. Find ideas for placards on the UK Tar Sands Network website.

You can find more information on the UK Tar Sands Network website, on the Facebook event page, and you can tweet about it using the hashtag #tarsands

Supporting organisations:
UK Tar Sands Network
Greenpeace UK
World Development Movement
Earth Peoples
Campaign Against Climate Change
Healthy Planet UK
Occupy London Energy, Equity and Environment Group
Quaker Peace and Social Witness
Lush Cosmetics
Council of Canadians
The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition
Sierra Club Canada
People & Planet
Push Europe
UK Youth Climate Coalition
Shift Campaign
Earth in Brackets
Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth


Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 11:15 to 13:00

UK tells John Kerry 'No Tar Sands, no KXL!'

Thursday 11th April, 8am, London Lancaster House.

Organised by UK Tar Sands Network, 350.org, Healthy Planet UK, Push Europe, UKYCC and Campaign against Climate Change.

There was a great turnout this morning to show US Secretary of State John Kerry, will have the official role of Keystone XL tar sands pipeline approver or disapprover, that he will be met with opposition to dirty tar sands wherever he goes. He and Obama have been met with anti-KXL protests nearly everywhere they've been lately, including an astonishing 1000 strong protest in San Francisco this week. We were there in solidarity with Canada's First Nations, our US allies, and everyone already suffering the effects of climate change, to show Secretary Kerry that this is a global concern. Thanks to everyone who came along. To see more photos of the event visit us on Facebook.











Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 08:00 to 10:00