2006 events

Candlelight Christmas Vigil



Our Christmas Vigil 2006, with a special Christmas Present suggestion for the current US administration.....

The vigil was well attended and very sociable whilst we mixed a festive season atmosphere with our ever-urgent message.... .A select band also made it to the pub for the Crimbo Party - food, drinks and a convivial end to a great year's campaigning!



National Climate March 2006


Demo is Huge Success!

Up to 20,000 on march, another 10,000 in Trafalgar Square. Thanks everyone for making it happen!

The 4th November was the Saturday before the UN Climate Talks (COP 12/ MOP 2) in Nairobi (6th-17th November). On this day there were demonstrations and events, demanding urgent action on climate change all round the world ( see www.globalclimatecampaign.org ). In Nairobi, itself, there will be a demonstration on Saturday 11th November, midway through the Talks, whilst the delegates are actually present.

The London demo was a huge success with an overall turn out more than twice that of last year(see below ) when we had 10,000 on the streets of London. The day kicked off early in Grosvenor Square, outside the US embassy at 11.00 am, with poetry and performance from avariety of artists. Then, as the Square began to fill things really livened up as "Seize the Day" took the stage with their brand of 'protest-folk' . Meanwhile the Cycle Protest, starting out from Lincoln's Inn Fields, had already demonstrated outside the Australian embassy and had also delivered a letter to No 10 Downing street, demanding a Climate Bill, with ANNUAL targets amongst other things. The cyclists arrived - noisily - in the Square, all 600 or so of them, just as our first speaker, Collin Challen MP had started. More great speeches followed from Norman Baker MP for the Lib Dems, Caroline Lucas MEP, for the Greens, Zac Goldsmith (was it for the Tories or for the Ecologist magazine?) and Raniya Khan for respect. Next we had none other than our local prelate, the Bishop of London , speaking eloquently about how climate change would hit the poor. And finally our Honorary President and star speaker campaigning journalist George Monbiot, who was on the very best of form. There remained Phil Thornhill, Campaign Coordinator to round things off and invite everyone to join the "March for Global climate Justice".

By now the square was swarming with folk and buzzing with all kind of activity. Some kind of order was formed out of chaos as our veteran 'globe-in-a-greenhouse' headed the prcession out of the square, with all manner of flag and placard-wielding folk behind. A samba band had started in one part of the square, whilst a New orleans Jazz band livened up the departing throng. Yet another kind of sound was provided by a lone Scotch piper near the front of the march. Amazingly the great cavalcade of sound and activity reached Trafalgar Square on schedule - though since the march stretched just about all the way back to Grosvenor Square from here it took some tme for all the marchers to find their way into the square to witness what remained of the "I Count" rally with assorted celebs and a band (whose name I never get right). Altogether it was a fantastic triumph with the march on its own possibly twice as big as last years - not to mention the folk already gathered in Trafalgar Square. See more photos from the demo here

Meanwhile the international demonstrations and events, we already knew, were taking place in over 40 countries - twice as many as last year. And by now we'd had reports that there had been 40, 000 in Sydney, 30, 000 in Melbourne and maybe 90,000 in 20+ locations all round Australia. Colourful demonstrations in Taiwan and Korea, too. And the reports are still coming in from all round the world . See www.globalclimatecampaign.org .

This was the timetable for the day in London:


10.00am Cycle protest assembles at Lincolns Inn Fields, South side (Holborn/Temple tube). Goes via ExxonMobil offices, Australian Embassy and Downing Street to arrive at US embasy at 11.30 am. For more information on the cycle ride click here.
11.00am Rally opens : Messages from around the world, performance poetry & musical protest with "Seize the Day" and others.
12 noon  
  Speakers include George Monbiot, Colin Challen MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Norman Baker MP, Zac Goldsmith.
1.00 pm March for Global Climate Justice from US embassy to Trafalgar Square.
See the route of the march here.
1.45 2.00 pm March joins I-Count Mass Gathering in Trafalgar Square
1.00 - 3.00

I-Count Mass Gathering in Trafalgar Square


For the Downing Street demo for a strong Climate Bill, a couple of weeks after the National Climate March, in November see here.


"Global Climate Justice" Meeting

Image"Global Climate Justice" Meeting in Conway Hall is packed out.


The Public Meeting on Global Climate Justice in the Conway Hall, on the evening of Wednesday 4th October, was a great success.

The star amongst the speakers was undoubtably George Monbiot who has just published his new book "Heat" in which he outlines how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2030. The speeches kicked off however with Benedict Southworth, Director of the World Development Movement who set the scene by outlining how climate change is rapidly becoming the major development issue. And its the rich industrialised countries to blame: did you know that Drax power station in Yorkshire emits - on its own - more than several African countries put together ? Next we had journalist Johann Hari's perspective on the issue - with some interesting information on climate change impacts in the Congo. Tony Kearns - standing in for Billy Hayes of the Communications Workers Union - gave a Union perspective on climate change - not something we hear that often. Claire Fauset organiser from the Drax Climate Camp and Protest - which attracted a lot of media attention this August - put the case for more Direct Action campaigning on climate change. Phil Thornhill , Coordinator of Campaign against Climate Change had a list of things that irritated him, but managed to say a few things about the likely devestaing impacts of climate change on the Global South at the same time. Finally George Monbiot - the man everyone had come to listen to - spoke with his usual eloquence and finished off by saying that though he had shown how it was possible to avoid runaway global warming it was up to us to produce the political pressure to make it happen !

There followed a lively debate ably chaired by Romayne Phoenix from the Green Party with many good points from the floor. At the end most people felt it had been a great meeting and there was a feeling of exhiliration and empowerment to build November 4th into a really groundbreaking demo and to go on beyond that to build the really massive campaign we need in our struggle to prevent catastrophic climate change.



Hell-Fire Party outside the U.S. Embassy


ImageThe world is heading for a “Hell” of Climate – Chaos : melting ice caps, massive flooding, stronger storms and wilder hurricanes, scorching heatwaves, droughts, famines…… wars over diminishing resources .
We urgently need strong coordinated action at the international level to save the world from the ‘hellish’ ecocatastrophe that a permanently destabilised climate will bring. But right now that action is being blocked and sabotaged by the Bush administration in the US.
Bush and the fossil-fuel industry cronies that dominate his administration are the beelzebubs of doom, doing a devilish job of dragging us all into CLIMATE HELL.

This was our message at the "Climate Hell-Fire" party at the US embassy. Several Lucifers, Beelzebubs, Satans etc assembled under our giant "Bush Wanted" poster-banner outsid the embassy but later retired into the park to allow a big Islamic anti-war demonstration to take the central space. Finally the music turned up (thanks Rob etc..) and a mellow, melodic, gathering was had into the early evening.



G ATE my Planet Party outside the U.S. Embassy

As the G8 leaders met in St Petersburg we held a "protest party" outside the embassy of the country most responsible for setting a policy direction that can only lead to planetary catastrophe. Our message : "As long as "Energy Security" is the priority, extreme "Planetary Insecurity" will be the result. Until the global environment is priority number one, G8 leaders will continue to fail the people of the world, and condemn future generations to the hell of 'climate chaos'".


Gangsta Party outside the U.S. Embassy


ImageContinuing on from the last day of action the London group of the Campaign against Climate Change returned to the U.S. Embassy to remind the people inside that neither the issue nor the protests will stop until they stop acting like Gagsters and start taking action that is needed.

The area just in front of the Embassy was of limits to us and any possibility of moving the barriers was out of the question due to our lack of "barrier moving training".

The trade mark Greenhouse was assembled in record time with no complications and with a variety of people in the appropriate dress it was time to get the party underway.

Tea was ready available along with the usual array of postcards, leaflets, badges and sheets for names and email address of supporters.

Also with the aid of 30's music and a wide range of live performers with a substantial sound setup the entertainment factor far exceeded even our optimistic expectations.

The Party was hosted by The Rub (Revolutionation) with guests includin Sarah Bear, MC Excentral Tempest (Bones of Contention) and the Dreadful Jasper (Synergy).

ImageThankfully the weather was one our side for the whole day and offer of a free cup of tea was too tempting an offer for some to refuse.

We had support from a wide spectrum of people from Americans, Japanese, British and even a couple of local police. More names added to the even increasing list of supporters understandable eager for next months party.

The theme of the next party has not been 100% decided but we will once again hope to build on our success and come up with even more imaginative and entertaining was to get our point across that a problem that will effect every one will need involvement from everyone.

Thanks once again to all the supporters, performers, helpers and the local law enforcement (for their patience.)

See you all next time.



Climate Conference 2006


Our Climate Conference at the London School of Economics was a great success with more than 400 people attending!

Thanks to all our speakers and everyone at LSE..... and everyone who turned up to make the day a great success!

There was a fantastic range of seminars & workshops in the morning, with a superb selection of speakers to match.

The speaker line up for our pleanary session was: Phil Thornhill, Campaign Coordinator introducing, then Michael Meacher MP, Caroline Lucas MEP (Green Party), Norman Baker, MP (Lib Dems), Mark Lynas, (Climate Change author & journalist), Goksen Sahin (from the Istanbul Climate Campaign), Lucy Pearce (from Stop Climate Chaos) and finally George Marshall (Co-director Climate Outreach & Information Network) who elicited some rousing audience participation with a highy entertaining "question and answer" session.



Mad Emitters' Tea Party


ImageAs part of the National Day of Action on Climate Change, the London group staged the first of what will be monthly events outside the U.S. Embassy at Grosvenor Square.

The threat of an impending tea-party had apparently got the park authorities spooked and the entire space had been locked for May 20th for 'Security Reasons'. Preparations for thousands of tea-party participants had been made outside the embassy in what can only be described as overkill to suit the most commited mad hatter.

Preparations soon got underway in earnest: police looked on suspiciously as the greenhouse was erected, this was followed by general confusion diffusing through the constabulary as a white rabbit, mad hatter, caterpillar and playing card appeared along with Alice.

Later the music was provided by The Green Worriers + Richard Travan and then Rhythms of Resistance. Tea was served, cucumber sandwiches, cake and flapjacks consumed, along with organic apple juice provided by Shane Collins fund raising for the Green Party. Amongst notable events during as the music played was a (non too rare) example of Nick Hutton's dancing.

Overall we had a good day with the rain largely staying in abeyance and a lot of interesting conversations going on. The turnout was good considering the weather and many people had travelled from far and wide to be there, including someone who had made the journey all the way from Bristol to make tea, and who continued to provide tea for everyone throughout the whole event on his portable camping stove. Thanks indeed for that!