Zero Carbon Britain Day 2012

Saturday July 21st 2012


The 'Race to Zero' event organised by Southampton Cycling Campaign and the Green Party on behalf of the Campaign against Climate Change

 One of the events around the country promoting the goal of a Zero Carbon Britain by 2030 (see more about that here).





See  the Zero Carbon 2030 report, published by the Centre for Alternative Energy (CAT)  to show that ZCB by 2030 is really possible.






We need a bold ambitious target both for the UK to fulfill its responsibilities to the rest of the world (especially the poorest and most vulnerable)  and to do our very best to jog the rest of the world (especially the rich and powerful) into getting serious about an effective international agreement to bring down greenhouse gas emissions globally. Zero Carbon by 2030 is just the bold ambitious target we need for the UK. For more about Zero Carbon Britain see here.