Breaking Down the Barriers: Diversifying the Climate Movement Conference

Campaign against Climate Change is teaming up with Global Power Shift UK to organise "Breaking Down the Barriers: Diversifying the Climate Movement" Conference

The aim of this Conference is to create a diverse learning space for attendees to share their ideas, experiences, and learn from each other and our guest speakers.

Breaking Down the Barriers: Diversifying the Climate Movement Conference is open to passionate Climate activists from all walks of society who want to contribute to the debate on Climate Change. We really want the Conference to be a reflection of society as a whole, and so welcome applications from all individuals. So you're a Cosmologist with a penchant for local community conservation projects? Or struggling to pay the bills and knowing that we need change? We'd love to see you there. 

In the registration process we will ask if you need financial support to attend the conference, for travel and/or accommodation. Please let us know if you need to support to be there - we don't want that to stop anyone from attending.

Speakers confirmed so far include:

  • Asad Rehman – Friends of the Earth – speaking on international climate issues
  • George Barda – Occupy London/Reclaim the Power – sharing stories about challenges around diversification
  • Siobhan Grimes – Campaigner with Operation Noah and Climate Rush – sharing experiences of divestment campaigns with the Church of England
  • Chris Church – Low Carbon Communities Network – working with communities on the ground and facing the obstacles when campaigning
  • Ian ‘KMT’ Solomon – May Project Gardens – outreach and permaculture edge
  • Afsheen Rashid – Repowering London (Community energy specialist) – community engagement and working with diverse communities

Programme includes:

Day 1: Speakers and Open Sessions

The day’s events will include a mixture of guest speakers and Open Space sessions for participants to workshop their ideas, challenges and concerns. We will learn how to better organise outreach programmes and diversify the movement in a collective environment that is inviting to all. Proposed topics so far include:

  • Taking a global view on climate justice
  • Broadening and diversifying the climate movement:
  • Economics, divestment and social justice

We welcome your input for sessions you’d like to host – please share with us your ideas on the registration form.

Additional option for Day 1 afternoon – closed group session - Re-centering Our Movement

On Saturday Suzanne Dhaliwal (UK Tar Sands Network) and Liam Barrington Bush (solidarity activist/ journalist/facilitator in social change) will be hosting a closed 4 hour group workshop for 12 participants.

In this workshop Suzanne and Liam will take participants through a process looking at their own relationship with power and how this may impact on campaigns and groups which in turn lead to exclusion of the same communities they are aiming to empower. The aim of the workshop is to work towards building an organising culture that is open to honest self-reflection with safe spaces to start having the conversations which need to be had.

If you want to participate in this workshop please register here IN ADDITION to the registration form. Please note there is limited number of only 12 places available.  

Day 2: The Great Big Strategy Day

The emphasis of the day will be towards building strategies around what we’ve learnt and explored during Day 1 and developing ideas and strengthening networks to mobilise support and engagement across the UK. Our skilled facilitators will be helping us draw up some next step plans of how we’re going to bring our learnings back to our communities and how we can link in together to support each other with our plans.  

Funds available to cover travel and accommodation costs

Our aim is to make the Breaking Down the Barriers event as accessible as possible. If you need help getting to London for the event then please indicate on the registration form and we’ll be in touch!  



Saturday, May 3, 2014 - 11:00 to Sunday, May 4, 2014 - 17:30