Iceberg Demo at the G20

ImageOn Wednesday April 1st ("Fossil Fool's Day") Campaign against Climate Change staged a "Climate Emergency" Ice-berg Demo outside the ExCeL Centre where the G20 were to meet the following day.

The action featured a giant ice block sculpted like an iceberg and demonstrators dressed in white with some even wearing strings of ice cubes around their necks. The backdrop to this was provided by 'Climate Emergency' placards and panels showing maps and graphs of arctic ocean ice loss.

The message was simple: polar ice is melting much faster then scientists thought and is the most visible symptom of the frightening speed with which the climate is changing. We will lose the race against climate catastrophe unless action is taken soon. This presents a far greater threat than the recession, however bad that might seem, and should be the absolute priority for the G20. If we need to inject more money into the economy then that should be done by spending it on all the many things we need to do to achieve a low carbon economy and fight climate change.

The iceberg was displayed outside the ExCeL Centre from 12 noon to seven in the evening with a photo-op at lunchtime and a small rally in the evening. The action was designed to give a clear focused message about the urgency of the climate threat, to complement the message conveyed by 'climate campers' and other climate campaigners in the City at the same time.

See the photo gallery of the event here.