Copenhagen 2009



The "Euro-train" and coach to Copenhagen are now both full.


Climate protesters in Copenhagen on the Global Day of Action on Climate, 6th December 2008.

The United Nations Climate Talks in Copenhagen, in December 2009 (COP 15/MOP5) are the world’s last chance to secure an emissions reductions agreement that will replace the Kyoto Protocol before it expires. There is a growing consensus among scientists that we have a global Climate Emergency in which we have ten years or less to stop and reverse the global growth in greenhouse gases before ‘runaway’ climate change becomes uncontrollable. That means the international talks being held in Copenhagen in 2009 could be our last chance to avert a global catastrophe of unimaginable proportions – perhaps the most important international meeting ever held.

We feel therefore that there is an overwhelming need to demonstrate a global will for urgent and effective action on climate change at this time. The Campaign against Climate Change will collaborate with others to have the greatest possible presence at Copenhagen itself during the Talks (Monday 7th December to Friday 18th December) and especially for the mass demonstration on Saturday 12th December. CCC has joined The Climate Movement of Denmark, Klimataktion in Sweden, Friends of the Earth Europe and Climat et Justice Sociale, Belgium to make a Call for this demonstration in Copenhagen on 12th December 2009. See the Call here

December 12th will also be the Global Day of Action on Climate 2009. See more here. The CCC will be working with partners in the Global Climate Campaign to make this Global Day as successful as possible with demonstrations as big as possible, in as many places as possible, all around the world.

ImageJoin us in Copenhagen - be part of the action at the most important international meeting ever held!

For transport– see below.

History will be made at Copenhagen this December, either for better or for worse- be part of the action that shows people care – enough to take their message direct to the negotiators in Copenhagen.

The ‘Euro-Train’ will be taking people to Copenhagen for the weekend midway through the Talks, which will include the big demonstration on Saturday 12th, the Global Day of Action. The Euro-train is now full but see below if you are interested in going by coach.

The train will leave Brussels around 11.00 am on Friday 11th. So we will be travelling from London on an early morning Eurostar (6.00 am or 7.00 am) to link up with that. Arrival time in Copenhagen will be around midnight that Friday, in time to get some sleep before joining the demo and other activities the following day. The train will be leaving Copenhagen around 4.00 pm on Sunday 13th so return to London will be late on the morning of Monday 14th.
The train will be full of international activists, campaigners, enlightened citizens – from the UK, Belgium, France, Germany and Holland. Train-goers will have their own kitchen/canteen … and will be able to make their own entertainment. We expect some media stunts and photo-ops at Brussels and at stops on the way – it’s a ‘campaigning train’.


We will be organising basic ‘floor-space’ accommodation in Copenhagen. But if you would like to find somewhere to stay in Copenhagen, yourself, with a local Copenhagen host, then see

Events in Copenhagen will include the Friends of the Earth “Flood for Climate Justice” on Saturday morning. In the afternoon there will be a carnival-march to the Conference Centre, from the city. There will be a Concert in the  evening  - and a chance to chat and party with activists form all around Europe and the world. The 'Klima Forum'  will have workshops etc through the weekend. There will be a special Christian service and a Direct Action against a carbon-polluter on Sunday ...... and lots more……

The Euro-train and coach to Copenhagen are both now full, but if you still want to register your details for anything that might develop please e-mail

The coach is going for roughly the same period as the train. It leaves on the evening/night  of Thursday 10th December and reach Copenhagen on the evening/night of Friday 11th. It will leave Copenhagen on the evening of Sunday 13th and return to London on the afternoon of Monday 14th.

If you would like to go to Copenhagen for longer the Camp for Climate Action are organising coaches that go for the entire week see their website for details.

Information for supporters who have paid a deposit on a train ticket:

Those who put down a deposit early don't have to buy a Eurostar return but others have to buy their own Eurostar. Here is the info about that to check if you need to: 

You can buy a Eurostar ticket for £59 (cheaper if you are under 26) if you leave London at 5.57 am on the Friday morning (the 11th) and return on the 8.00 am from Brussels on the morning of Monday 14th. (of course you can book a later return Eurostar if you prefer –which may be the same, or a different, price – but not an earlier one). This price will go up – as they sell all the cheaper Eurostar tickets – we don’t know when. You can also book the Eurostar which leaves London at 6:59 am – and still hook up with the Eurotrain leaving at 11.00 am – but it costs a little more (single ticket around £44.50 rather than around £29.50).  The 6:59 am is the latest Eurostar you can catch to link up with the Copenahgen train from Brussels. You can book Eurostar tickets (and check prices etc) here:

We have asked for the full fare from all those who have paid deposits - if you haven't yet paid your full fare then please get in touch!

Plans are now developing for media events associated with the train, entertainment on the train etc …..   this includes the train’s own radio provided by “Radio Autres Ondes” (Radio Alternative Waves).

Information packs for train/coach goers

If you've mislaid the info packs we e-mailed you then worry not! We've put them online for you to download:

Train and Eurostar info pack
Train info pack (no free Eurostar)
Coach info pack

Files are in Microsoft Word (.doc) format.

You can download a flier to help spread the word about Copenhagen 2009 here.

For more info and to be put our on 'Copenhagen updates' list e-mail us at: