Fracking In Balcombe


On 23rd July after months of applications, audits and public opposition Cuadrilla started moving their drilling equipment onto the Balcombe site, with the aim of starting exploratory drilling starting on Saturday 27th July. But the Balcombe residents aren't going to stop fighting.


The Balcombe villagers have repeatedly shown their opposition with Cuadrilla’s plans for drilling in the area and on the 25th July are hosting the Great Gas Gala! The Great Gas Gala is a community led carnival and a clear demonstration of the local community’s resistance to the threats to health and to the environment posed by the fracking industry.

The residents of Balcombe oppose drilling for a multitude of reasons, from the local fears over potential water and air contamination and the noise and traffic from the construction, to the national and global issues of what a dash for gas in the UK will represent. The UK’s commitment to make a fair contribution to reduce emissions, in line with keeping global warming below a 2°C rise, gives a very clear global carbon budget and we already have an insufficient budget for the carbon that we are emitting. With Osborne pushing for fracking in the UK, offering the 'most generous tax breaks in world', we will not be able to meet these targets.

Visit the website for more information on the Great Gas Gala and how to get involved.