Fossil Fool's Day 2008

ImageImageApril 1st saw CCC campaigners at a demonstration against Kingsnorth and a new wave of coal-fired power stations (see more here) in Parliament Square before moving on to conduct a demonstration outside the London offices of Argent Group PLC who are behind the UK's biggest opencast coal mine at Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales - see more here.

Campaign against Climate Change joined 'People and Planet' (the student environmentalists' organisation) in exposing the foolery of building a new coal-fired power plant at Kingsnoth and reverting to dinosaur coal technology just when we urgently need to reduce emissions.


Brown and Hutton, fossil fools

Some familiar CCC faces (and a familiar CCC T-shirt) at the demo, with a message for the people across the road. (And those fossil fools again!)

Its them again with the the People and Planet 'No New Coal' "cooling towers" behind

People and Planet photo-op - with lots of Gordon Browns

Some more CCC folk.

That Carbon Dinosaur placard!

Flying the flag !

'No New Coal' - a message for Westminster.