Hell-Fire Party outside the U.S. Embassy


ImageThe world is heading for a “Hell” of Climate – Chaos : melting ice caps, massive flooding, stronger storms and wilder hurricanes, scorching heatwaves, droughts, famines…… wars over diminishing resources .
We urgently need strong coordinated action at the international level to save the world from the ‘hellish’ ecocatastrophe that a permanently destabilised climate will bring. But right now that action is being blocked and sabotaged by the Bush administration in the US.
Bush and the fossil-fuel industry cronies that dominate his administration are the beelzebubs of doom, doing a devilish job of dragging us all into CLIMATE HELL.

This was our message at the "Climate Hell-Fire" party at the US embassy. Several Lucifers, Beelzebubs, Satans etc assembled under our giant "Bush Wanted" poster-banner outsid the embassy but later retired into the park to allow a big Islamic anti-war demonstration to take the central space. Finally the music turned up (thanks Rob etc..) and a mellow, melodic, gathering was had into the early evening.