"Redcoats" demo

"Ye Revoltinge Coloniales don't deserve independence while they're wrecking ye planete"

Image The Redcoats at the US embassy ! Left to R : Captain (Sergeant-Major, General, Viscount-Lord-Field-Marshall-of-the-Fleet-and-His-Gracious-Majesty's-Privy-Purse, whatever)Phil Thornhill; Privates Gerry wolfe, George Marshall, John Ackers, Richard Solly. Now they might look like a well-ordered detachment in this photo but I can tell you they were an insubordinate bunch....that Private Ackers was the ringleader. If Captain Thornhill had had any sense he'd certainly have had him strung up, or given 200 lashes, or keelhauled or something nasty like that...
Image The Redcoats marching in....with Climate Message.(Actually George has got the placard the wrong way around..there's a more appropriate'period' message on the other side...ahhh well). Yes, its the Redcoats a la Abbey Road!
Image Gnarly-looking Redcoat (Gerry Wolff) with "Times Headline" that reads in full "Americane Rebels Finally Gone Berserke Destroyinge Ye Planete with ye out-of-controle carbon emissions". This fiersome fighter is obviously a veteran of Blenheim, Culloden Moor, Waterloo, Bunker Hill, Plassey, Quebec etc....etc..
Image The Redcoats open fire! This point of discharge was only reached after a flawlessly perfomed (=utterly shambolic !) drill : "Shoulder you firelocks!", "Prime your firelocks" etc... etc.... Good job that chap in the blue uniform with the strange looking musket didn't return fire!
Image Still the revoltinge coloniales won't surrender. There's only one thing for it! Bring in the artillery! Oh, and a camp-follower (Lucy Wills), too, by the looks of it.
Image Finally the Redcoats have got Uncle Sam cornered! Theyre bringing him to book for his noxious emissions and criminal disregard for international treaties! Plus they just like sticking bayonets into rebels, anyway!
Image Now what happens next in our little performance is that the US marines show up! OK, a US marine (Alex Hill) shows up: here he is, appropriately enough in front of a well known US general (no prize for the correct answer). The US marine, anyway, puts our redcoats to flight. He's got an automatic weapon hasn't he? So its obviously not fair - typical Yanks! It's beginning to look like Yorktown all over again! But all is not lost...........
Image George Washington (Ed Hall) now appears and commands the Marine to surrender. "If I'd known that the United American states would end up by destroying the planet with their out-of-control carbon emissions, I'd never have started my rebellion in the first place. Now I see the impudent folly of rebelling aginst king & country ...etc...etc..." And as you can see Uncle Sam gets taken in hand, after all. Our camp follower's got a WPC hat on there.
Image Here's that camp-follower again! Flanked by 'George Washington' on the right and Private Solly on the left.

And here's some Redcoats relaxing at a nearby coffee-house after the battle. Naturally all the rebels had been strung up by now... what else could they expect for their crimes against the planet???

To read the "Royal Declaratione of Reincorporatione" click here.