Bush/Raymond Wedding March

Image The happy couple with the vicar in front of the embassy. This photo (which was added later!) by Auriel Glanville.
Image All lined up for piccies at the embassy.
Image The happy couple at the start of the march
Image The lovely bride!
Image Aha! The bride unmasked. Richard Solly slips into the bridal gown, at the sttart of the march. Thats Lee Raymond=John Repsch doing up the zip.
Image It's Mr Corporate Greed and Mr. Loony Republican Hard Right (alias Gerry Wolfe and John Ackers). For those of you who don't know the Elephant is the symbol of the Republicans (for the Democrats its a mule). Don't ask me why.
Image Mr Corporate Greed holds sway over a 'greenhoused' world.
Image Mr. Corporate Greed laughing about how much money hes got. This photo by Peter Marshall: check out his other wedding march photos
Image It's the bride and bridesmaids: esso tigress (Lucy Wills) and Statue of Taking Liberties (Auriel Glanville). Mr. Loony, in the background there, is quite obviously pissed.
Image It's the samba band in full swing
Image The 'globe-in-a-greenhouse' progresses down The Strand
Image It's the samba band again... looks like it's got warmer!
Image It's the wedding kiss!
Image This is the 'Worst man', Myron Ebell (alias Angus Duchamp): a significant cog in the Exxon-funded lobbying machine.
Image Confetti flies in front of the US embassy. 
Image The hymn: Richard's got the 'congregation' to burst into song.
Image Mr Loony unmasked. Doesn't he look better as pissed pachyderm, though?!
Image This is Sheila (Freeman)! She took the photos (except the ones Peter Marshall took - like this one!).