How Esso is sabotaging the Earth Summit


TImagehe CCC was back at the Central London offices of ExxonMobil on the evening of Thursday 22nd of August, making sure once more that they are not left in peace as long as they continue to be Corporate Enemy Number 1 of the World's Climate. We had our shiny new Display Stand with enough materials for a seminar or two on Exxon's anti-environmental activities while Exxon employees and the passing public, alike, were leafleted with all the info on the latest Exxon exposure. This concerns their attempts to sabotage the Earth Summit in Johannesburg. A leaked letter from 31 'organisations and individuals' to GWB is clearly an attempt to do just that. It says

"We applaud your decision not to attend the summit in person" and

" we...strongly support your opposition to signing the new international environmental treaties or creating new international environmental organizations at the Johannesburg Summit.." and (get this!)

"the least important global environmental issue is potential global warming, and we hope that your negotiators can keep it off the table and out of the spotlight"

So who were these 31 organisations ? Well some of them have been heavily involved in anti-Kyoto activities before and we know that seven of them are funded by ExxonMobil ! So if you thought that last quote looks like its got Exxon's fingerprints all over it you'd be right ! Of course this is typical of the way ExxonMobil works ....paying other people to do their dirty work and then denying blandly that they are trying to influence the US government, or sabotage the world's efforts to safeguard the global environment, in any way at all.