Shame on Bush!


On Saturday 7th we protested ouside the US embassy against US obstructionism at the Earth Summit. This demo was got together at very short notice and so turn out was not high. Nevertheless we got 4 Radio interviews and also appeared on London Weekend TV luchtime news. So we did manage to 'catch the moment' and it was well worth it - thanks to everyone who turned out for this and made this possible!

At the summit the US went out of its way to prove to any doubters that its Environmental Public Enemy Number 1. It did its utmost to obstruct every positive measure and succeeded in blocking targets for Renewable Energy (as championed especially by the Latin American countries).

For all its shortcomings the summit represents something desperately needed, namely effective international cooperative action to halt the world's slide towards economic polarisation and environmental self-destruction: the US has trampled on the fragile hope that this summit offered that something might at last be done. And its clearer than ever that it is short term economic interests, above all those of the fossil fuel interests to which the Bush regime remains so closely tied, that are driving US policy. For that reason above all future generations will never forgive it. In particular ExxonMobil, through front organisations, has been a major driving force behind the sabotage of progress on renewable energy.