Climate Emergency: "Where next after Copenhagen?" planning meeting


 The CCC held its 2010 Planning Meeting and AGM on February 20th at SOAS attended by close to 100 of its members. Business kicked off with an overview of the achievements of 2009, a pretty remarkable year including many energetic demonstrations notably the Save Vestas Campaign, CCC’s contribution to December’s London Wave and Climate Emergency Parliament in July which lead to the submission of radical Climate Emergency Demands by Colin Challen MP since signed by a further 60 MPs. The CCC Trade Union group garnered a lot of support through it 1 Million Climate Jobs pamphlet with backing from unions including CWU, TSSA, PCS and UCU, the pamphlet now in its second print run after strong demand.

After a short lunch members broke into 3 sub groups to discuss directions the Campaign should take in 2010. Peter Robinson, reinstalled later in the day to continue in the post of Chairman of CCC, opened the discussion session on how to build a major climate movement with a focus on working with other groups. Some interesting contributions from the subgroups included trying to partner with other groups who might have similar aims, but coming from a different agenda. For instance CCC’s aim of reducing the speed limit to 55MPH to cut carbon emissions might also appeal to road safety groups. Campaigning for large multinationals to reduce their carbon footprint through way of pamphlet received support.

Phil Thornhill, also reinstated later in the day as National Co-ordinator, continued discussion on how to get the most from the Emergency Demands with feedback from the members giving support for action on housing insulation included as part of the Million Green Jobs. It was suggested other Emergency demands could also be coupled with a solution, “Reduce speed limit to 55MPH and improve public transport”, and more local action in the form of public meetings and actions to oust support from local MPs for the emergency demands. (Get your MP to support the EDM here)

Jonathan Neale, voted in to continue as International Secretary of CCC, spoke about how the RSPB (animal and wildlife welfare) brought 5000 people to December’s Wave and how groups from diverse backgrounds can come together to increase the fight against climate change. The breakout group discussing actions around the elections and later in 2010 felt there was a need for a large demonstration post election and also a second later in the year, possibly including a simple message “Real Climate action - Not False Solutions” and actions that would incorporate the message and support of other activist groups.

The day concluded with voting on changes to the Constitution, Resolutions and election of the Steering Group. Relatively minor changes went through with no objection on the Constitution, all 3 proposed resolutions were passed some with small addendums including support for CCC help in sending members to the Bolivia conference in March. As there were no contested roles on the Steering Committee, all those nominated and receiving the required support were voted into position in one group vote. Notable members of the Steering committee this year include Deepak Rughani from Biofuelwatch and John Stewart of HACAN, with total steering groups members now totalling 17.