Who We Are

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The management of the campaign is undertaken by the elected steering committee, the members of which also do a lot of practical work organising events, etc. 

The office itself is run on a shoestring - Claire James is the Campaigns Coordinator (part-time), assisted by volunteers.

Of course, the campaign is more than just the people listed on this page - it also includes everyone who is active in our campaigning, either regularly or on an occasional basis and supporters who, paying a few pounds a month each, make our vital work possible. Find out more about becoming a member.

The CCC Steering Committee

Suzanne JefferySuzanne Jeffery, Chair

Suzanne Jeffery is Chair of Campaign against Climate Change and the trade union group. She is long standing environmental activist and trade unionist. She is editor of ‘Climate Jobs: building a workforce for the climate emergency’, which argues for urgent action to create millions of climate jobs to transform and transition our workforce to tackle the climate and ecological crisis.She has been centrally involved with organising a major trade union mobilisation across the UK for the COP26 protests, helping build a movement that can demand, deliver and transform our society and push aside the interests that block this is the most urgent and necessary priority of our time.

Claire JamesClaire James, Secretary

Claire James has been active with the campaign since 2008, and has worked part-time in the office as Campaigns Coordinator since 2014 (the only paid member of staff in the campaign) She co-organised the 2015 Time to Act march which brought 20,000 out on the streets to call for climate action, as well as other CACC events since. She has worked with coalitions across the climate movement.

Rebecca Warren, Treasurer

Rebecca is an accountant and an environmental and human rights campaigner, and is treasurer and financial adviser to several organisations.

Peter DeanePeter Deane

Pete is active in Biofuelwatch and Latin American solidarity groups, linking campaigns to ensure that climate campaigning reflects the reality of those on the frontline of climate impacts and energy exploitation in the Global South.


Martin EmpsonMartin Empson

Martin is a long standing member of Campaign Against Climate Change. He is the treasurer of the campaign's trade union group and helped initiate the Million Climate Jobs campaign. Martin is a socialist, based in Manchester and has written on questions relating to the environment and capitalism as well as the social movements needed to stop environmental disaster.


John Sinha

John Sinha was a member of the officers' group in 2004-2005 when the group was first set up. Amongst his main activities, he was involved in organising the first international climate demonstrations timed for the COP in 2005 with responsibility for maintaining the global website and setting up Climate Justice Action in 2008. Also, he was part of the organising group that put on the first UK Climate Camp at Drax in 2006 and played an organising role during the COP15 in Copenhagen in 2009. More recently, he has been involved in Code Rood, By 2020 We Rise Up initiative, Time To Cycle and Endegelande as part of its international mobilisation and is a contributor to the One Million Climate Jobs pamphlet.

Jon Duveen

Jon is a secretary of the Cambridgeshire National Education Union (NUT Section) and has been active in getting the Union to support the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group. He is now the NEU (NUT Section) representative on CACCTUG. He is also an active member of the Labour Party and of both Red Green Labour and SERA, both of which are campaigning groups inside the Labour Party. 

Fliss Premru

Fliss Premru is a trade union and climate activist, a member of both TSSA and RMT TfL branches, and has been active in pushing climate justice and climate jobs policies in both the trade union and labour movement for a decade. 


Lewis Nielsen

"Building a movement for climate justice is an urgent and important task. There are big opportunities to deepen the links with the strikes and anti-racist movement. I am keen to help CACC continue to do this."



Peter Murry

I am a member of the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group and have been for over ten years. I am a Green Party Member, the Trade Union Liason officer for London Federation of Green Parties, Secretary of the Green Party Trade Union group and of Green Left. I also participate in the Greener Jobs Alliance, the Trade Union Clean Air Network and the New Lucas Plan Just Transition working group. I belong to the London Retired Members' branch of UCU and consider myself to be an ecosocialist.


Tony Staunton

Tony Staunton has been a climate activist and socialist in the trade union movement for more than three decades, working to develop policies to combat climate change and for a just transition from carbon industries. He has organised within the World Social Forum alongside climate scientists and speaks on the systemic changes required to prevent runaway global heating, and builds events and actions in the South West of England, including at the G7 Conference in Cornwall in 2021, and regional protests as part of the COP26 Coalition. He continues as a trade union environmental representative, the President of Plymouth Trades Union Council and a member of the National Council of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

Ellen Robottom

Ellen is a contributing author to the CACCTU publication "Climate Jobs: Building a workforce for the climate emergency", and an active member of Leeds Trades Union Council's environment group, helping to organise conferences and public meetings around the theme of worker-led transition, and authoring a paper to initiate a campaign for a mass homes retrofit programme locally. She is active in the Yorks and Humber Climate Justice Coalition which aims to support and link up diverse campaigns and community-based climate and social justice groups across the region. Current priorities include working with the Stop Burning Trees Coalition opposing woody biomass burning at Drax power station, and more generally, challenging transition pathways reliant on carbon capture and associated energy technologies.

Tahir Latif

Tahir Latif was, until the covid pandemic when he took voluntary redundancy from his day job, a trade union rep for the Public and Commercial Services union.  He was a member of the PCS National Executive and President of the PCS Aviation Group.  Currently he is the Secretary of the Greener Jobs Alliance, and Chair of trustees for the arts-activist charitable organisation Platform London.  Tahir is an environmental and political activist, with a particular focus on aviation issues and transport generally.