Mapping a Just Transformation: American Climate Rebels

In searching for solutions to the crises we face - health, economic, climate breakdown, inequality and racism - we can learn a lot from looking to movements in the US led by working-class communities of colour. On a 14 week tour of North America in 2018, Reel News documented many local struggles against pollution, racism, corruption and the prison industrial complex. These inspiring movements show ordinary people coming together to stand against fossil fuel corporations, to organise mutual aid for recovery after climate disasters, and to move towards a 'just transformation' and a sustainable future.

This video includes 15 minute versions of the American Climate Rebels videos "Hurricane Harvey: Just Recovery in Texas" and "Just Transition in Richmond, California", as well as five inspiring speakers:

Alycia Miles and Ben Hirsch from West Street Recovery, Houston, who helped communities recover and rebuild after Hurricane Harvey - a climate disaster where the official response exacerbated existing racial and wealth inequalities. 

Hilton Kelley and Michelle Smith from Community In-Power and Development Association, Port Arthur, Texas - a city where the damaging impacts of the hurricane came on top of exisiting health risks from toxins from oil refineries.

Ratha Lai from Richmond, California, where the local community rebelled against Chevron - the oil company with a political influence over the city which was as toxic as their pollution of the air causing many serious health problems.

You can see all 11 episodes of 'American Climate Rebels' on the Reel News website

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 - 18:30 to 20:00