A backwards budget by a back-tracking government

The Chancellor today set out his intention to completely ignore the climate crisis - currently manifesting itself in record breaking temperatures - choosing instead to appease high emitters of the very carbon which must be kept in the ground in order to meet the government's promises made just three months ago in Paris.

Calling it a budget "fit for the future" (he used the phrase no less than six times) in which he talks about putting the "next generation first" (seven times) you would initially be forgiven for thinking that the Tories have finally seen the climate change catastrophe which is staring them in the face. Alas, this budget only reinforces their commitment to squeezing every last drop out of oil and gas fields and their idealogical war against energy convervation and renewables.

'Lobbying ban' for public-funded charities and even scientists

“There is nothing a government hates more than to be well informed; for it makes the process of arriving at decisions much more complicated and difficult.”

This quote from John Maynard Keynes was used in a recent editorial in the BMJ arguing that the UK’s planned new anti-lobbying clause, by muzzling scientists will jeopardise evidence informed policy making in public health. The potential impacts are just as concerning for other areas including energy policy.

In the new clause all organisations in receipt of state grants would have to agree, as a very broad legal condition, not to use public money to influence MPs or political parties, attempt to influence legislation or regulatory action, or press for the renewal of contracts and grants.

Temperature records continue to be shattered...

2014 was the hottest year on record. Until 2015 that is.

January 2016 was the hottest month ever recorded. Until February 2016, which marked the 10th month in a row of record breaking global warmth).

Starting to see a pattern here?

Climate records around the world are being smashed. According to Eric Holthaus in Slate magazine it took from the pre-industrial period to October 2015 to reach \+1.0 celsius above pre-industrial levels but only the last 4 months to increase by a further 0.4c.