Climate change and refugee solidarity

The UK must take its share of responsibility for the needs of today's refugees - and for keeping families around the world safe from
becoming the refugees of tomorrow. In December this year, world leaders are meeting in Paris to try and agree a deal to stop
catastrophic climate change. This is a chance to stop future humanitarian disasters before they happen. We have seen how drought hits the poorest and can combine with other factors to trigger conflict. We know the risk of flooding when
sea levels rise. 'Natural' disaster is not so natural any more. On the eve of the talks, people around the world will come together
to call for action. We have the solutions to cut emissions but we need to overcome political inertia. Join us on 29 November in London!


50.000 people marched on Saturday to show solidarity with refugees and calling for the government to do more to help them and welcome them to the UK. Take a look here for some easy, practical ways to help refugees during this crisis.


For an easy overview of how the Syrian refugee crisis is connected to global climate change, take a look at this comic strip.